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Baked Apricots floating on fresh Lime Sauce



Make up juice of the limes to 300ml with the orange juice and pour into a pan.

Add the honey and caster sugar, put over a medium heat and stir until the honey and caster sugar are dissolved.

Remove from the heat.

In a cup stir the arrowroot with 1 Tbsp orange juice until smooth and pour into the juices in the pan.

Put back onto the heat and bring to the boil, stirring all the time.

Continue to boil, stirring, for 2-3 mins until thickened.

Pass the sauce through a fine sieve onto a large shallow dish or plate – spread the sauce out.

Lay the apricot halves skin-side upwards on a large baking sheet.



Heat oven to Gas Mark 9/240C/475F. Brush each apricot skin with enough water to moisten the skin and sprinkle about 1-2 tsps caster sugar over each apricot.

Put apricots at very top of the oven for about 10 mins until soft.

Let them cool and transfer fruit with a slotted spatula to the cold sauce, laying the apricot halves gently on top of the sauce.

Spoon any syrup from the apricots on top.

Leave in a coolish place until needed, but don't refrigerate.

Serve with a jug of cream.


Recipe taken from the Book of Entertaining by Josceline Dimbleby

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  • 500g Organic Fresh Apricots, halved and stoned
  • Organic Caster Sugar



  • 4 Fresh Organic Limes
  • Unsweetened Organic Orange Juice
  • 2 Rounded Tbsp Organic Local Honey
  • 40g Organic Caster Sugar
  • 2 Rounded Tbsp Arrowroot
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