About Organic Produce

About Organic Produce

What can I order?

Farm-fresh organic fruit, salad, vegetables and organic eggs delivered direct to your door! 

Choose from a range of standard boxes, or choose your own produce to Build your Own Box.

How to store your organic produce?

For all storage instructions

When you unpack your fruit and vegetables we would suggest that you store the root vegetables in a cool, dark place rather than in the fridge. Salad crops may need the fridge during the summer however tomatoes etc will continue to ripen if left in a cool room.  Wrap your lettuce in plastic and refrigerate. Cucumbers actually prefer not to be kept in the fridge, as do our organic eggs. 

Putting potatoes into a paper bag can extend the storage time. Please note that whenever possible we supply our potatoes and carrots with the soil still on them as this further enhances the length of storage time as well as helping to prevent disease or damage to the crop once it has been raised.

Bananas should not be stored alongside any other fruits as the ethylene they naturally produce when ripening will accelerate the ripening of any other fruits nearby. This does mean that when you are trying to ripen those last few remaining tomatoes at the end of the season that a strategically placed banana (or banana skin) can be very helpful.

All soft fruit such as plums should be kept in the fridge.

Caring for the environment

Clingflim and excess packaging is not used at Skylark Organics and is one of the many reasons why customers like to receive our fruit & veggie boxes as it dramatically reduces the amount of packaging used when you compare the vast array of fruit and vegetables that is sold in plastic, single-use, packaging at the supermarkets.  Preferably, you should never wash your veg before storing as the soil acts as a natural preservative. Washing them will cause them to go off far quicker and is why you may receive dirty carrots and potatoes in your boxes or bags. Try to keep them wrapped in brown paper and stored somewhere like a cool, dark cupboard.