Why Eat Organic

Why eat Organic

What is 'Organic'?

Organic farming uses benign techniques such as biological pest control, crop rotation and green manures rather than synthetic chemical fertilisers or pesticides to produce the crops we eat.

The farmers and growers who farm organically whether in the U.K. or abroad are certified by one of many Organic certification bodies, the most well known in this country is the Soil Association.

Why eat Organic and what are Organic Foods?

  • We believe your food should be vibrant, fresh and organically grown using local growers as much as is possible.
  • This is such a huge subject and one we feel very strongly about at Skylark Organics.  Organic food has to follow strict legal standards and as a Soil Association certificated company we are rigorously inspected at least once a year, as are our farmers and growers.
  • Eating organically is better for animals, wildlife, soils and plants.
  • Eating organically lowers the risk of environmental polluition as organic farmers do not use artificial fertilisers. Organic farmers rotate their crops to keep the soil's health and they must build fertile soils naturally, using compost and manure (often sourced from their own farm).  By choosing organic, we help to reduce our individual exposure to consuming pesticides.
  • Research has found significant nutritional differences between organic and non-organic farming.  Organically produced crops (cereals, fruit and vegetables) were found with up to 68% more antioxidants than non-organic, whilst organic fruit and veg contained lower concentrations of pesticides and the toxic heavy metal cadmium.  Source: Soil Assocation.
  • The choices we make when choosing organic are better for you, the wildlife, animal welfare standards, AND the planet and its environment.

Organic farming protects the delicate balance in nature.

Organic farms are a wonderful haven for our native butterflies, birds and bees. As an example, did you know that there are about 75% more bees on organic farms?

Organic Farming

Whatever your definition of 'organic', by eating organically produced food you can protect yourself from synthetic chemicals and fertilisers used in conventional farming.
Organic growers often choose varieties selected for flavour rather than yields. Don't take our word for it, try our produce and see how delicious it is for yourself!

  • We provide you with locally grown food, and many of the U.K. vegetables we supply are grown near Leominster at Broadward Hall farm.
  • Organic growers do no use nasty sprays to kill all of the insects around their crops, and therefore it helps to encourage biodiversity, preserve wildlife habitats and improve soil.
  • Organic farmers treat their livestock ethically, providing for their behavioural and physiological needs.

Help the Environment

As a supplier of Organic produce we have a duty of care to the environment. All of our suppliers are certified Organic to protect the land, wildlife and biodiversity of their local area.  By not spraying pesticides we are helping local bee populations to survive. 

Organic farming and the environment in Herefordshire

In order to grow crops naturally, we have to ensure we retain nutrients and carbon in the soil to maintain the soil structure on our land.  Better nutrients in the soil means tastier veggies for you!  As we are a local company, our vegetables don't have to travel far to get to you thus reducing food miles.
Where we import we maintain a "no air freight" policy thus limiting the carbon footprint of your delivery.
If you would like to know more about the value to the environment of growing organic food please visit the Soil Association website at www.soilassociation.org.
We like to help the environment so we use cardboard boxes and paper bags as packaging - not masses of plastic & cling film!
We also recycle our bags and boxes for as long as they are usable.  To help us with this we would be grateful if you could leave your used bags and boxes out for collection when your next delivery is due.

Organic Veg Box Delivery Ledbury and Bromyard, Herefordshire

 For more information and facts about organic food please visit the Soil Association.